The following books are recommended reading for those interested in self-development or involved with management learning.The books have been categorised as follows:

  • Personal Change
  • Leadership/Teams
  • Management Philosophies

Personal Change

7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Stephen Covey
ISBN: 0-67170-863-5

I’m OK, You’re OK
Thomas A. Harris
ISBN: 0-38000-772-X

Zapp!: The Lightning of Empowerment
William C. Byham & Jeff Cox
ISBN: 0-71268-035-7

What is Transactional Analysis
Eric Whitton
ISBN: 1-870258-436

Gifts Differing: Understanding Personality Type
Isabel Briggs Myers & Peter B. Myers
ISBN: 0-89106-074-X

101 Ways to Develop Your People, Without Really Trying: A Manager’s Guide to Work Based Learning
Peter Honey
ISBN: 1-90289-922-9

Discover Your Hidden Talents: The Essential Guide to Lifelong Learning
Bill Lucas
ISBN: 1-85539-104-X

Principals of NLP
Joseph O’Connor & Ian McDermott
ISBN: 0-72253-195-8

Solving People Problems
Peter Honey
ISBN: 0-07084-544-1

Mindmapping: Your Personal Guide to Exploring Creativity and Problem-Solving
Joyce Wycoff
ISBN: 0-42512-780-X

Emotional Intelligence
Daniel P. Goleman
ISBN: 0-55337-506-7


50 Cautionary Tales for Managers: An Entertaining Collection of Enlightening Parables for Managers
Peter Honey
ISBN: 1-84528-109-8

What Leaders Really Do
John P. Kotter
ISBN: 0-87584-897-4

On Becoming A Leader
Warren G. Bennis
ISBN: 0-20140-929-1

Authentic Leadership: Courage in Action
Robert W. Terry
ISBN: 1-55542-547-X

Leading Change
John P. Kotter
ISBN: 0-87584-747-1

Management Teams – Why They Succeed and Fail
Meredith Belbin
ISBN: 0-75062-676-3

Coaching for Performance
Sir John Whitmore
ISBN: 1-85788-303-9

Coaching for Performance
Philip Hodgson & Randall P. White
ISBN: 0-27365-241-9

Management Philosophies

The Empty Raincoat: Making Sense of the Future
Charles B. Handy
ISBN: 0-09930-125-3

Surfing the Edge of Chaos: The Laws of Nature and the New Laws of Business
Richard Tanner Pascale, Mark Milleman, Linda Gioja
ISBN: 0-81293-316-8

Teaching the Elephant to Dance: The Manager’s Guide to Empowering Change
James A. Belasco
ISBN: 0-45226-629-7

Never Reorganise Again!
Eddie Obeng
ISBN: 0-95348-691-5

The Age of Unreason
Charles B. Handy
ISBN: 0-87584-301-8

The Consistent Consumer: Predicting Future Behavior Through Lasting Values
Charles B. Handy
ISBN: 1-4195-0273-5