Welcome to Keay Consulting

Keay Consulting designs, develops and delivers bespoke management programmes and interventions that drive the strategic objectives of the organisation and helps managers unravel how they can best add value and get the results they want.

Whether engaged in consultancy or training, we work closely with clients to understand the important factors that affect their business.

We support the overall goals of the business whilst providing real and practical benefits on the specific matters being addressed.

Keay Consulting works only with qualified associates both in the UK and Europe and focuses on the following distinct areas:

"Our work is underpinned by our deeply held views that people want to be proud of what they achieve and they have much untapped potential.

We believe that we have a duty to treat people with respect and to help people to learn and embrace change.

Finally, we believe that we should deliver solutions for the long-term interests of all stakeholders."

Andrew Lees, Keay Consulting